First post of 2011? What is wrong with me?!

Ok so - This is the longest I have not posted on Kitsch Chronicles for.
so therefore, I'm going to make this post the longest ever.

I've been busy visiting friends (who now, after leaving uni, are spread all over the UK) and doing various design projects.

I'm just going to do a post full of photos to quickly sum up whats been missed.

So, there was christmas...

I got cool presents:

Then there was new year in Derby... I got hammered... No pictorial evidence.

I reunited with a really dear friend who took me paint-balling:

I got new tattoos:

I've had a fair few ace nights in Derby with some good fucking people (this photo is nice because they caught us as the start of the night. We all deteriorated MASSIVELY after this)

I went to a hella good Kutmah exhibition & gig with these cool people:

I baked my brother the coolest cake ever:

Um... What else...

I made a rainbow with glow sticks and long exposure:

Oh yes!
These are mine and Anna Lena's feet:
check out her blog to see really good posts with pics & vids about her US trip

I think that kinda sums everything up :]

BOOM, Roasted!


Tron X Playboy

OMG! Amazing photoshoot by Jared Ryder. See my Priory of Zion post to see the full shoot.


Hipstamatic Happy

I kinda forgot how much I liked this app. Unfortunatly didnt have owt good to photograph today - hence the random shit.


Trailer: Black Swan

Carnovsky ‘RGB’ Exhibit

Want this all over my bedroom please.
An interesting exhibit that emphasizes the nature of the color spectrum and our ability for visual perception, the Carnovsky collective, consisting of Francesco Rugi and Silvia Quintanilla, have created a dynamic exhibit titled ‘RGB’. With multiple layers of images painted on the walls in an overlapping fashion, in natural light the room is a jumble of color and content, but once the light of a particular spectrum is turned on the surface, certain elements come to the forefront, while others fade away.

Lascivious Lingerie

Look Book of Lascivious' gorgeous lingerie.

“Fuelled by a passion for the aesthetics of sex and a flair for sophisticated, modern design, Lascivious is the first and last word in experimental and indulgent directional lingerie.”
Closer look at the LookBook after the jump

Ceramic Sneakers by Kang-seung Lee

Not mind-blowing stuff, but I kinda like it.


Sexy & Snuggly

Thigh high legwarmers from Spring & Clifton

Top 5 Songs on Repeat this week

The Pharcyde – Passin Me By (Outer Space Bass Remix)

Letherette – In July Focus

Sleigh Bells – Infinity Guitars

Ratatat – Mirando

Aphex Twin – Avril 14th

I kind of want to be Willow Smith...

I love the styling and choreography in this vid.

I've been away from the goings on in the world for the past couple of months, so I've only just found out about Willow Smith. I gotta say, she's definitely the only child pop star to do it well.


Fred Perry x Amy Winehouse Released

It's finally here! This collab between Fred Perry and Amy Winehouse has produced a really sick collection of wears. It's rare that women's wear gets a strong collection like this, I'm so stoked about it.
(In fact I was so impatient I had to bag myself one of the shirts before I even posted this.)

This range should be available in store from Friday, and is already available online for pre-registered customers. For everyone else - keep checking the online store, it should be available real soon.

More photos from the collection after the jump


Marvel + Tron = Awesome

In anticipation of the new Tron film, Marvel is releasing various covers that have Tronified famous Marvel superheroes. Love it!